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Inspiration for nurseries and children’s Bedrooms


Today, we’re going to take a look at some ideas for nurseries or children’s bedrooms within the home.

It isn’t the usual type of feature you expect to read on this website but a change is as good as a rest and who doesn’t like talking about babies and young children!

A new trend for a nursery is all white walls with a minimalist approach. Why not throw in a Bohemian feel to it and put some pictures of elephants, monkeys and other wildlife animals on the walls as well as some matching teddy bears.

As the child gets older, it is imperative to have plenty of space for them to play in. Spacious wardrobes are an ideal place to not only store clothes but also toys and soft furnishings which leads to making the room a space that is open, neat and inviting.

Layered rugs and cushions are a must when it comes to an older child’s bedroom as this look can be carried through to when the teenage years float in. If you are going for this look, make sure that you have a plain colour on the walls such as white, grey or cream as the child/teenager in question can them put their stamp on their space as they grow up.

If space is an issue and you have to put two or three children in the same room, why not buy twin beds and decorate them with strong paint motifs?!

Dark colours can work really well if you are thinking of putting an alternative stamp on your child’s bedroom. How about dark grey or teal walls with a bright yellow bed and some quirky prints?