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Things that you should never put in the Dishwasher!


There is a lot our dishwashers can handle but the hot temperature, powerful water and detergent mean some things should never be put inside it.

Here are some of the things that you should never put into it!

*Don’t put your garlic press in the dishwasher

*Wash your knives by hand

*Don’t put copper in the dishwasher

*Plastic containers and dishes aren’t always dishwasher safe. Before putting them in the dishwasher, ensure that they are okay to be put through the dishwasher to avoid these items melting!

*Don’t put your wooden chopping board and utensils in the dishwasher as these items should be kept as dry as possible

*Don’t put your pet bowl in the dishwasher as that is asking for trouble!

*Putting your cast iron pans in the dishwasher is a bad idea as it will destroy the coating on them

*Don’t put filthy pans in the dishwasher as dishwashers struggle to shift some dirt!

*The dishwasher will ruin your non-stick pans

*Aluminum will not fare well in this appliance

*Don’t put repaired crockery in the dishwasher


Average cost of rent increasing nationwide


The average cost of renting has surged past €1,000 a month nationally.

New figures show rental inflation hit 7% in the first three months of 2018 compared with the previous quarter.

The data from the State’s Residential Tenancy Board show that the cost of renting jumped by €70 a month in March compared with a year earlier.

This meant the average cost nationwide is now €1,060. It now costs €1,500 a month for accommodation in Dublin, up more than €100 from a year ago.

If you are renting outside of Dublin and its surrounding areas, the cost of renting is €791. The capital city and surrounding commuter counties are pushing up the cost of renting nationally, according to the Residential Tenancy Board rental index.

In Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Meath, Cork and Galway, the cost of renting a property has surpassed €1,000 per month.



Grant is driving the Industry


With over forty years’ experience in championing innovation, reliability and efficiency, leading heating manufacturer Grant is a firm favourite for many householders and installers in Ireland. Driving the industry with its forward-thinking approach, Grant has successfully launches and developed 15 heating appliances to the market all designed with quality, versatility, efficiency and great value for money in mind.
In addition to providing its range of award-winning Vortex condensing oil boilers, Grant also recognised the need for more environmentally-friendly heating solutions with a significant investment into the research and design of the innovative VortexAir Hybrid and range efficient Aerona3 inverter driven air source heat pumps.

With a core focus on providing efficient and eco-friendly heating solutions, Grant helps homeowners tackle the rising energy costs and CO2 emissions, helping to provide a greener future for generations to come.
For more information visit

Source: Grant

Trustee Safe Company


Trustee Safe Company is a family run business and our family have been trading in the safe business for the past 37 years.

We offer a delivery and installation service nationwide on our complete range of insurance approved safes both free standing and underfloor.

In today’s climate we feel confidentiality is vital in terms of safe installations and to that end we are strictly a family business.

Trustee Safe Company are very well known both in Ireland and UK and we exhibit at all the leading shows in both countries.

We exhibit at National Ploughing Championships for the past 35 years, Ideal Homes both in Ireland and London, Self Build Shows, Balmoral Show, Royal Welsh Show, Royal Highlands Show in Scotland and all the leading Agricultural Shows across Ireland.

We always strive to give a fast and efficient service and offer all clients a free site survey before installation if needed.

We supply throughout Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

Trustee Safes are sellers of Chubb Safes, SMP Security, Guardian Safes and Securikey.

Source: Trustee Safes

What A Catch! Sustainable Seafood Garden Hooks Overall Prize at Bloom 2018

NEWS 31052018 NO FEE FOR REPRODUCTION Designer Andrew Christopher Dunne, The Sustainable Seafood Garden, Gold Medal Winner and Overall Show Garden Winner at Bord Bia's Bloom 2018. Following a rigorous two-day judging process with an independent panel of expert judges, the award was announced as Bord Bia opened the gates on the 12th annual Bloom festival in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. The Sustainable Seafood Garden tells the story of the journey from tide to table, of the fish and seafood that surround and inhabit this island. It boasts a large water feature with shimmering fish sculptures and an ‘upcycled’ fishing boat which doubles as a kitchen. Throughout the weekend, the boat will host cookery demonstrations featuring sustainably sourced seafood. Bord Bia's Bloom takes place in the Phoenix Park from May 31st to June 4th. Photo Johnny Bambury / Fennell Photography

Garden designer Andrew Christopher Dunne from the coastal fishing village of Clogherhead in County Louth has been named as the overall Show Garden winner at Bord Bia’s Bloom 2018 for his ‘Sustainable Seafood Garden,’ in association with Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM).

Following a rigorous two-day judging process with an independent panel of expert judges, the award was announced as Bord Bia opened the gates on the 12th annual Bloom festival in the Phoenix Park, Dublin.

The Sustainable Seafood Garden tells the story of the journey from tide to table, of the fish and seafood that surround and inhabit this island. It boasts a large water feature with shimmering fish sculptures and an ‘up-cycled’ fishing boat which doubles as a kitchen. Throughout the weekend, the boat will host cookery demonstrations featuring sustainable sourced seafood.

“The sheer scale of endeavor involved in the delivery of this exceptional garden is something which the judges were all agreed upon,” said Bloom Show Manager for Bord Bia, Gary Graham.

“This was a hugely ambitious design featuring complex construction and intricate planting schemes in order to create an authentic seaside coastal inlet pier.

“With clever design features such as a custom-built fishing boat , made from up-cycled materials and the wall and pier made from reclaimed sandstone and karst limestone, this garden brings elements to Bloom which we have never seen before,” added Mr Graham.

The judging panels for Bloom 2018 comprised of 14 Irish and international horticultural experts, who today announced a raft of 113 awards for show garden designers, nurseries, floral artists and amateur garden designers including 35 Gold, 22 Silver Gilt, 19 Silver, 24 Bronze and 13 certificates of commendation.

Show Garden Winners

A total of 10 Gold Medals were awarded to the Show Gardens which are the central feature at Bloom 2018. In addition to the overall large garden category winner, the overall medium sized garden award went to garden designer Linda McKeown for The Enable Ireland Beyond Boundaries Garden in association with Solus Bulbs, while the overall small sized garden medal was awarded to Peter O’Brien for his Enchanted Wood Garden sponsored by Plan Eden.

The Best Concept Garden award went to Tünde Szentesi for her Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again garden sponsored by Universal Pictures International Ireland and Best Planting was awarded to Alan Rudden for his Life is Rosé by Santa Rita ‘Living la Vida 120’ garden.

Nursery and Floral Art Winners

Fresh from his Chelsea Flower Show medal win, Billy Alexander from Kells Bay Gardens in Kerry received a Gold Medal and ‘Best in Show’ in the Nursery and Floral Pavillion. In the AOIFA Floral Art competition Adrienne Flood from Sutton Floral Art Club received the overall prize for her ‘In Homage To…’ display while Shevan Doherty from Sandyford in Dublin received a Gold medal and Best in Category for her Botanical Art piece.

Postcard Gardens

Sponsored by FBD Insurance, Bloom also hosts thirteen small but perfectly formed postcard gardens which were also judged. In this amateur postcard garden category, pupils from Villierstown National School in Cappoquin, Co. Waterford received ‘Best in Show’ for their garden which tells the story of a hurling game temporarily stopped to allow players to look for a sliotar somewhere in the futuristic Dromana Gate Garden.

Source: Bord Bia/Bloom 2018


Grant Efficient Heating Solutions


GRANT has achieved an enviable reputation within the heating industry for its high-efficiency approach to new concepts. As the leading boiler manufacturer in Ireland, recognised with awards for it’s innovative products and contribution to the industry, we are aware that although most homes will continue to be heated by gas, oil or electricity, there is a growing awareness that we all need to do more to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. We focus on achieving environmentally friendly solutions that benefit not only this generation but future ones.

Leading Boiler Manufacturer in Ireland

With an established history of over 35 years designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of highly efficient and reliable heating products, Grant has become a firm favourite for many householders and installers in Ireland.

Source: Grant

Triton Showers Environmental Commitment


Triton cares for the environment. Every year we make choices that not only ensure strict compliance with environmental legislation but also aim to develop advanced technological solutions that make our products even more Eco-compatible.

Products such as the Eden EcoDove Eco and T80Z Eco ensure we are helping you to help the environment when using our products.

Triton also ensures that it minimises its office and factory’s impact on the environment with 80% of the sites waste recycled, from plastic, cardboard and brass in the factory, to paper, magazines and plastic cups throughout the office, via the numerous recycling areas.

We are committed to water efficiency

In addition to our range of Eco Showers, Triton is proud to be a fully supporting, registered member of the Bathroom Manufacturer Association’s (BMA) Water Label Scheme, promoting water efficient bathroom products. This means that when you purchase a Triton shower displaying the scheme label (see below) you can rest assured that your shower is both effective and water efficiency compliant.

The scheme aims to make it easy for installers and consumers to identify which products will save water, money and energy when installed and used correctly.

The scheme provides a recognisable, consistent measurement of water efficiency of bathroom products, allowing for an easy comparison of the water efficiency of similar products for the consumer or installer when choosing a shower.

As regards our future environmental objectives, Triton will:

Make every effort to use environmentally safe and sustainable resources and, where possible, manufacture products from materials which are capable of being recycled.

Minimise the creation of waste and dispose of all wastes through safe and reasonable methods, which are in compliance with all relevant legislation and will control the discharges of effluent to sewers and ground water, as required by regulation, through consents and control.

Remain committed to the prevention of pollution.

Educate, train and motivate all its employees so that they can conduct their activities in an environmentally safe manner, are made aware of the impact on the environment of their actions and are fully conscious of the company’s environmental policy.

Operate within the constraints of a recognised environmental management system and set targets on solids, liquids, gaseous emissions, waste generation and formulate plans and objectives to achieve them.

Endeavor to eliminate leaded fuel, ensure that fuel efficient vehicles are predominantly considered and utilise efficient transport systems for goods, as it recognises the importance of an environmentally sound transport system.

Ensure that an environmental review of its activities is carried out annually.

Review its key suppliers and contractors and record the results on the register of approved suppliers and contractors.

Foster openness and dialogue with its employees and other interested parties in respect of the concerns, hazards and the impact of its operation, make publicly available its environmental policy with objectives by posting a copy on notice boards throughout the business, sending copies to our suppliers, contractors and to our customers, when acknowledging orders in response to a request.

Make a commitment to continual improvement of its products, processes, services and environmental effects and provide them in a manner which protects human health and the environment.

Review its environmental objectives and targets against known environmental effects.

Review its energy and water usage and, where necessary, invest in water conservation and improved energy efficiency.

Source: Triton

There’s something about Home Street Home


Irish Designs and Individual Statement Pieces from around the Globe.

Promoting the Beauty of Reclaimed Wood and the Inventiveness in Modern Upcycled Designs. Cool furniture and Home Decor. One-off unique pieces – Some that will blow your mind – we hope. 100% Sustainable and Ethically sourced.

Home STREET Home is an exciting home deco and design store, based in the heart of Harolds Cross,Dublin 6 West, near the city centre of Dublin.

Founded by Laury Poisson and Ed Donnelly, we have a particular focus on sourcing unique handcrafted pieces, made from reclaimed or recycled materials.

We look for 3 characteristics in our selections –  Beauty, Ingenuity and Fun. Pieces that bring a smile to your face. We look for pieces that have a past life, that have character and  have been made by someone who loves their work.

Since she was a kid, Laury always liked to save disused objects by transforming them into a new life. Originally studying Fashion in Paris, she then went on to work for Ines De La Fressange @ Saks 5th Ave, as well as managing the Agnes B Store, at Union Square, NY. Upon moving to Ireland she took up a senior management role with Avoca Handweavers.

During her time in New York, she started to follow the work of Lamine Badian Kouyate of Xuly Bet and was lucky enough to have met with him in his studio in the mid-90’s, when he was still a struggling designer. He was a great inspiration to her as to the importance, and the beauty that can be achieved with recycled material.

Laury and Ed would regularly take advantage of the monthly New York tradition of New Yorkers leaving out discarded furniture, to be reused or up cycled. They found some gems on the upper East side.

Ed’s first exposure to recycling was when, as a young boy, his father, a builder, would make him de-nail countless construction planks for reuse. He also gets an unhealthy sense of satisfaction from a well packed van.

Over 80% of our current stock is made from recycled materials and is 100% Sustainable/Ethically produced. Many of our pieces are one -offs, and exclusive to Home STREET Home.

There are no lead in times, all items displayed for sale on this website or in-store, are in stock, and available immediately.

By it’s very nature, we have very limited quantities and do not guarantee continued availability.

Whilst we can guarantee size and style of product, there will always be slight variations in colours or finishes from one piece to the next,and that’s the beauty of our collection.

We feel that Home STREET Home is part of a growing movement of Irish startups and SME’s business’ that reflect not only commercial goals, but also incorporate sustainability principles to highlight the lifestyle changes necessary to combat the most pressing global challenges of our times.

As well as our own design and production capabilities, we work with designers and crafts people from Ireland and overseas to bring unique pieces to you.

We firmly believe in a symbiotic relationship with all of our partners, and strive to ensure ‘Fair Trade’ practices throughout.

If you have a particular project coming up, or you would like a custom sized piece for a specific room or space, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Equally, if you are an Irish designer or craftsperson interested in talking with us about your work.

Contact us at or phone 01 – 537 0085. 

Source: Home Street Home

Check your gardens for these Hidden Hazards


Now that summer is officially here, we are all hoping for long balmy evenings when we can spend more time outdoors. But it’s also a timely reminder that children love to explore!

Try to get to know the different hazards in your garden, garage and garden shed:

  • Keep toxic substances like herbicides, insecticides, drain cleaners, motor products, BBQ lighter fuels safely stored out of reach and out of sight.
  • Do not mix garden chemicals or pour them into different bottles.  Never remove the labels.
  • Teach your children that some plants may not be safe to touch or eat.

Low Toxicity Substances

These substances are considered to be low toxicity when ingested. They may cause irritation to the mouth or mild gastrointestinal upset but other features are unlikely. Medical treatment is usually not required but you should consult your GP or local Emergency Department if:

  • a large amount has been taken
  • persisting or worrying symptoms are present
  • a deliberate overdose has been taken, regardless of the amount taken.


(Dianthus)Chrismtas cactus
(Taaxacum offincinale)

(Bellis p





(Perlargonium species)Hawthorn
(Crateagus monogyna)

(Ilex aquifolium)

(Lonicera species)

(Calendula officinalis)

(Tropaeolum majus)Pansy
(Viola tricolor)

(Primula vulgaris)

(Rosa species)

(sorbus aucuparia)


(Antirrhinum majus)Spider Plant
(Chlorophytum comosum)

Star Gazer Lily
(Lilium speciosum)

(Viola tricolor)















Wall Heating & Cooling


Many new buildings are opting for a relatively new form of heat as well as cooling provision.

Heat Doc now supply a number of solutions to provide both heat in winter and cooling in summer, including Drywall Wall Heating, Plastered Wall Heating and Ceiling Cooling and Wall Cooling.

The advantages are clear allowing for completely seamless aesthetic rooms where your heat or cooling system is hidden in you wall spaces or ceiling spaces.

At Heat Doc we use the Austrian made Variotherm products for Wall and Ceiling heating and cooling.

For Drywall Wall Heating the ModuleWall and ModuleCeiling systems provide heating and cooling in one single system.

This is a flexible panel system which is pre-assembled for installation in walls or ceilings.

The system combines heating, cooling and wall structures!

For Plastered Wall Heating and Cooling the Variotherm SystemWall and the EasyFlexWall are clever solutions all-round.

They are heating and cooling systems in one. In the winter, they provide wonderfully cosy radiant heat.

In summer, when cold water circulates through the SystemWall or EasyFlexWall (e.g. via a heat pump) they are wall cooling systems with excellent cooling capacities.

Variotherm’s ModuleCeiling helps you keep your cool on hot days.  Circulating cold water, which for example passes through a heat pump, cools the ceiling or walls of your house or office. and your energy costs will be extremely low too!

For complete details or to discuss your requirements in more detail contact Heat Doc today.

Source: Heat Doc