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There’s something about Home Street Home


Irish Designs and Individual Statement Pieces from around the Globe.

Promoting the Beauty of Reclaimed Wood and the Inventiveness in Modern Upcycled Designs. Cool furniture and Home Decor. One-off unique pieces – Some that will blow your mind – we hope. 100% Sustainable and Ethically sourced.

Home STREET Home is an exciting home deco and design store, based in the heart of Harolds Cross,Dublin 6 West, near the city centre of Dublin.

Founded by Laury Poisson and Ed Donnelly, we have a particular focus on sourcing unique handcrafted pieces, made from reclaimed or recycled materials.

We look for 3 characteristics in our selections –  Beauty, Ingenuity and Fun. Pieces that bring a smile to your face. We look for pieces that have a past life, that have character and  have been made by someone who loves their work.

Since she was a kid, Laury always liked to save disused objects by transforming them into a new life. Originally studying Fashion in Paris, she then went on to work for Ines De La Fressange @ Saks 5th Ave, as well as managing the Agnes B Store, at Union Square, NY. Upon moving to Ireland she took up a senior management role with Avoca Handweavers.

During her time in New York, she started to follow the work of Lamine Badian Kouyate of Xuly Bet and was lucky enough to have met with him in his studio in the mid-90’s, when he was still a struggling designer. He was a great inspiration to her as to the importance, and the beauty that can be achieved with recycled material.

Laury and Ed would regularly take advantage of the monthly New York tradition of New Yorkers leaving out discarded furniture, to be reused or up cycled. They found some gems on the upper East side.

Ed’s first exposure to recycling was when, as a young boy, his father, a builder, would make him de-nail countless construction planks for reuse. He also gets an unhealthy sense of satisfaction from a well packed van.

Over 80% of our current stock is made from recycled materials and is 100% Sustainable/Ethically produced. Many of our pieces are one -offs, and exclusive to Home STREET Home.

There are no lead in times, all items displayed for sale on this website or in-store, are in stock, and available immediately.

By it’s very nature, we have very limited quantities and do not guarantee continued availability.

Whilst we can guarantee size and style of product, there will always be slight variations in colours or finishes from one piece to the next,and that’s the beauty of our collection.

We feel that Home STREET Home is part of a growing movement of Irish startups and SME’s business’ that reflect not only commercial goals, but also incorporate sustainability principles to highlight the lifestyle changes necessary to combat the most pressing global challenges of our times.

As well as our own design and production capabilities, we work with designers and crafts people from Ireland and overseas to bring unique pieces to you.

We firmly believe in a symbiotic relationship with all of our partners, and strive to ensure ‘Fair Trade’ practices throughout.

If you have a particular project coming up, or you would like a custom sized piece for a specific room or space, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Equally, if you are an Irish designer or craftsperson interested in talking with us about your work.

Contact us at info@homestreethome.ie or phone 01 – 537 0085. 

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