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Local Professional Golfer Tees Off With Flogas


Professional golfer Gary Murphy and his wife Elaine had been using oil for heating and electricity for cooking at their home in Baltray, Co. Louth.

However, when they lived in Kilkenny some years ago they had used natural gas for both and they missed it, in particular the benefits of cooking with a gas flame. The maintenance costs for the old oil heating system were rapidly becoming a burden so Gary contacted Flogas as he was curious to find out if natural gas was an option for cooking and heating in his home.

Tom Wall, the local Flogas sales representative, paid a free visit to their home and advised that while Flogas natural gas wasn’t an option due to their location off the grid, an LPG heating system would work perfectly. Instead of coming through the mains, the gas for cooking and heating would come directly from an LPG tank located in his garden. Tom also gave Gary details of the savings that could be made by switching from oil to LPG and outlined a proposal of works. A new Vissmann condensing LPG boiler would be installed along with a 1.5 tonne LPG tank. Gary was pleasantly surprised by the proposed savings and gave the go ahead for works to commence.

Another major plus for Gary and his wife was the fact that LPG is virtually theft-proof, with oil theft on the rise he would have peace of mind that his fuel could not be stolen during the cold winter months. Flogas LPG tanks are fitted with easy to read content gauges and state of the art telemetry units that assist in monitoring usage and providing an automatic topup service where needed. The system alerts Flogas as to when a customer’s supply is nearing the end and allows for a timely delivery of the next order.

The installation stage was a seamless process lasting only up to two days. First it was necessary for the gas layout to be agreed and piping to be placed down. Next a concrete foundation base was prepared for an LPG tank to be placed on top. Installation of the LPG boiler was then carried out by Paddy McGlade a Flogas RGII registered installer.

The Murphys now have a cleaner burning fuel, longer boiler lifespan, lower carbon tax, increased efficiency plus the bonus of a theft-proof fuel supply. As an added bonus, they also received their first 1,200 litres free of charge.

A delighted Gary Murphy said, “Before the changeover to Flogas LPG, we had two rooms in the house in which the radiators would never work. We’ve had numerous plumbers try to fix the problem but never any joy. Now that we’ve switched to LPG, the radiators work perfectly! We’re delighted with Paddy McGlade’s excellent conversion work and also with the savings that we’re going to make.”

If you are also interested in a great deal, contact Flogas on t: 1800 320 342, e: gas@flogas.ie w: www.flogas.ie

Flogas offers interest-free free loans of up to €3,000 towards residential LPG conversions.

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