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Glass Splashbacks vs Standard Tiles – what to choose for your kitchen?

Beautiful young woman is using a detergent and a duster and smiling while cleaning tile in kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in every house, as well as a really challenging space to renovate and refurbish. The reasons are quite big requirements that have to be looked at while renovating or arranging the whole kitchen, ie waterproof units/cupboards, properly protected floor or long-lasting paint, resisting to hot steam or mould. However, paint is not recommended for the oven and sink area, as well as the space between worktop and the cupboards, where we mainly go for different types of tiles or more and more popular glass splashbacks. What are advantages and disadvantages of both? Let us answer this question.

Aesthetic – which solution is better?

Both tiles and glass splashbacks lovers, talk about their choice in superlatives in case of look and beauty of the product, but it is often an individual issue. Tiles are a classic kitchen addition, well known from the beginning, differing only in tile type, colour or size. Glass splashbacks, especially printed glass splashbacks, give a lot of possibilities in terms of arranging a totally new kitchen, or bringing small modern changes to your kitchen. Both options have many supporters, and the internet nowadays shows many different ideas and inspirations for using many of these options.

Functionality and Cleanliness

Glass Splashback is number one in this case, mainly because of no gaps between the panels (tiles grout), it is much easier to keep it clean and shiny. The dirt and mould doesn’t bother the glass as much as tiles, and it is easier and cheaper to keep it clean – simple glass cleaner is all that is needed. It is really annoying problem in our country, because of humidity, that often leads to mould and moisture problems – therefore the difference can be clearly seen comparing easy to clean glass with small or uneven type tiles, where it’s hard to keep the tiles themselves clean but also the grout.

Price and Fitting

The price depends on the type of tiles chosen – we can choose a dearer Italian style tiles, on special order, which can be much dearer, even than glass panels with individual design. Fitting looks much easier in case of glass splashback. The fitting is fairly easy and clean, as there is no need to move away units, household appliances, and it takes less time than tiling. Secondly, it is much cleaner as there is no need for onsite cutting or adhesive/grout mixing as it is in case of tiles.

Cleaning Service Professional Woman Cleaning The Tiled Wall Using Sponge And Spray Bottle

Durability – which solution is for years?

Tiles are good choice, if we’re looking for a job for many years. Glass panels can also be a good long-term investment, though we have to choose a good manufacturer. The print should be durable, straight on a toughened glass, not as a sticker, which loses quality and discolours because of the sun, and mainly heat from the oven/hob temperature can shrink and smash the sticker, which finally unsticks from the glass. It is also good if the manufacturer can use our own photos, as well as has an LED lighting option (which looks amazing with the splashback). A long experience is also essential. The only company in Ireland that offers 3D visualisations for customers is www.prestiglass.ie

They’re also one of not many doing print straight on toughened glass (NOT as a sticker), on a dearer type of glass (ultraclear), which gives better and brighter colours, either with a printed glass or one colour plain glass.

Tiles or Glass Splashbacks? If you would like to save, if you don’t have or don’t want to spend time on cleaning and you like a modern look and style, you should go for the glass splashbacks, that are getting more and more popular, having a lot of advantages in comparison to standard tiles.