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Kilsaran International launch new range of specialised concretes


In response to changing customer demands Kilsaran International are bringing to the market, a suite of specialised ready-mix concrete products, designed to suit demanding placement methods, strength and durability classes.

Kilsarans Research and Development team have developed this range to meet complex building techniques and regulations across multiple sectors.

Our new Specialised Ready Mix Products include:

SealCrete Water Tight Concrete – A concrete solution that lowers the water / cement ratio in the mix but achieves any slump required. Reduces the capillary absorption and blocks the capillary pore structure in the concrete

AggCrete Exposed Aggregate Concrete – A concrete solution that evokes the alluring lustre of natural rocks and gravels. Developed to promote abundant coarse aggregate dispersion whilst retaining an ease of placement.

CemFloor Floor Screed – A cement based Liquid Floor screed produced using innovative materials to create a levelling or wearing screed suitable for architectural polishing

DuraCrete High Strength Aggregate Concrete – A concrete solution where the element requires ultimate strengths above 60N/mm² in order to fulfil engineering requirements

CompactCrete Self Compacting Concrete – A concrete solution using the latest technology in Mix Composition to create self-compacting concrete to cast architectural & structural elements in a variety of situations

LiteCrete Lightweight Concrete – A concrete solution using lightweight specialist aggregates to significantly reduce the weight of the mix by up to 50% allowing for lighter dead loads on a structure

ColourCrete Colour Concrete – A concrete solution incorporating a range of specialist pigments to create a coloured architectural finished surface

AgriCrete Agricultural Concrete – A concrete solution for agribusinesses proven to withstand the aggressive environments found in agricultural yards and structures.

To keep abreast of the full suite of our bespoke ready-mix concrete solutions please visit www.kilsaran.ie.  For further information on these or any Kilsaran products please contact us at info@kilsaran.ie and a member of our team will be in touch.

Source: Kilsaran International