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Maximising space in a small bedroom


Big bedrooms and plenty of space are hard to come across these days and smaller bedrooms seem to be plentiful.

Small bedrooms don’t necessarily mean less space, especially if you follow some or even all of the tips below.

*Lifting your bed: If your bed has short legs, you are losing all the space underneath which is great for storage. Rising your bed helps add height to your room and a variety of cute cushions will give your single bed the illusion of a double bed.

*No space: Trying to squash all your belongings into boxes on the ground is only recipe for disaster. Trying to find that cute black crop top before heading out, will result in all hell will breaking loose when you rummage through your boxes and leave your room in a mess. Instead invest in a few floating shelves, not only do they look chic, they are bang on trend too.

*Wall grids: Perfect for hanging everything from photos to heels, wall grids are a great investment.

*Clothes rail: Wardrobes are so bulky, they can cause a serious shortage of space in any room. Instead opt for thin compact rails that help you maximise any space.

*Mirrors: Nothing makes a small space look bigger like a mirror. A full length mirror is also necessary for checking out your outfit and snapping pics, so this really has a tonne of advantages.