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Old To Modern In Blackrock, Co Dublin


When it came to updating a Blackrock home, Darrell O’Donoghue of Odos Architecture the practice behind the project took the unique approach of knocking the house down and built and created something special and complete with ‘fins’ to control the light and privacy of the house.

As a replacement dwelling, the concept for this house came about as a result of a planning process which saw the Local Planning Authority request that the building’s form replicate the shape of the existing pitched roof dwelling on the site.

The concept developed as an exploration of this form. Mr O’Donoghue sought to create a house that would be in a similar form to neighbouring pitched roofed dwellings but that would be refined and simplified to have a more contemporary expression.

The design was decided upon in 2012 with the 190 square metre house completed in 2014. Initially, Odos Architecture analysed the prospect of retaining and improving the original structure but it soon became obvious that the most sensible thing to do was to knock the house and rebuild it as it was blatantly obvious that to bring the building up to a modern standard between refurbishing and extending would have been as costly.

The old house had a poor quality of light and space not to mention low floor to ceiling heights as well as a bad layout. The house was quint essentially inefficient and stuck in somewhat of a time warp, which led to Odos Architecture coming on board to analyse the prospect of improving the original property.

Securing from scratch planning permission was a delicate business as the property is located in an idyllic and picturesque part of Dublin. If parts of the old property were retained, the new part of the house would always have been comprised as the house would not have reached the same standard of what the finish product turned out to be. The chief architect that worked on this project was John Crowley and he had a vision for the way this property was going to look.

Odos Architecture was first established in 2002 and over the last 14 years in business the company has completed some of the most striking additions to Dublin’s residential landscape and in 2014 whilst in the midst of a country being in a recession, Odos Architecture went on to open a London office to meet demand for its expensive residential properties in Britain with the office headed by the afforementioned John Crowley. Followed by Odos Architecture opening a subsequent office on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan almost two years ago.

Getting back to this Blackrock property which at first glance appears as the black sheep of the street which features traditional homes, but upon closer inspection it is a house that is identical to its counterparts but with the structure reversed. The property has the same intrinsic structure as its neighbours with the forms being expressed differently. One of the home’s most eye catching features or what sets it apart from its neighbours would be the extensive blank elevations and the monotonous use of a dark-grey render. The property itself is one of a lent texture and visual interest which features fins in front of the glazing at the back

This beautifully eye catching property features three bedrooms, a living, kitchen and dining space as well as utility and bathroom amenities. The house also features a 150ft terrace with the interior of the property referred to as ”the greatest surprise as the blank elevations on the outside of the property may have given the impression of a dark exterior but that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

The prinicipal front of the building is external insulation which assisted the house to achieve its admirable A2 energy rating with a self-colour cement render. The building also features a series of fins in front of the glazing at both the back and front of the first-floor level. Each of these fins are made of powder-coated aluminium which match the render. The fins function is not only the appreciation of beauty, the fins also offer privacy as they control the entry of light in to the house. At the front of the property, the fins are inclined in an easterly orientation which allows them to draw in the morning light whilst at the back of the house, the fins have a westerly inclination which brings in the evening light. The afforementioned fins are also set far enough away from the glass that they still allow the relatively unobstructed view of the outside.

This property truly is a modern 21st century home which features a ground and polished concrete floor inside, on the outside a number of sandblasted concrete slabs were put in place whilst assisting to echo the flooring on the inside with the living space featuring a large inset wood-burning stove ensuring that there will always be a warm welcome for anyone who walks in through the front door.