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The Transition Of The kitchen!

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It is said that “our fondest memories are made gathered around the kitchen table,” but unlike memories which cannot be changed, altered or replaced with others; in terms of a kitchen, it is something than can be changed on more than one occasion if the home owner wishes to do so.

From the days of solid wood and dark oak kitchens in the 1970’s to the modern styles and trends of today which encompass a variety of bright colours, fashionable trends, modern twists as well as it being the room that has become the ‘social hub’ in the majority of households unlike in earlier years when this room was described as one of the ‘undesirable rooms’ or ‘places’ to frequent.

The kitchen we know today is an indispensable component to contemporary life. Today’s kitchen is often open to the family and dining rooms and it’s the natural gathering place when entertaining.

Instead of welcoming guests into the living room, the kitchen is the place we gather friends or conduct business. Homeowners today are demanding large kitchen plans with plenty of space for baking, cooking and hosting and considering how important the “trophy” kitchen is for today’s homeowners, it’s amazing to think that not long ago, kitchens were one of the least desirable rooms in the home.

Historically, kitchens weren’t luxurious and unlike kitchen’s today, they were not rooms where people wanted to spend time in. They definitely weren’t rooms meant for hosting guests or entertaining. They were dark and prone to catching fire; they were filled with noises, messes and smells. They were extremely busy spaces and could be hot and uncomfortable. For these reasons, kitchens tended to be situated as far away as possible from the social or private rooms in a home.

“At the moment one of the most popular trends for a kitchen is the painted shaker style,” said Brendan McLaughlin of Cherrymore Kitchens in Donegal.

The definition of “Shaker” is a unique type of furniture created by members of a religious sect formed as a branch of the Quaker church in the 18th Century. The furniture was designed with care, with the belief that making something well was in itself, “an act of prayer. Shaker Kitchens are built around the guiding principles of simplicity, utility and honesty. They are made thoughtfully with functional form and proportion without ornamentation.

“The timber/solid wood kitchens aren’t as popular as they once were but in saying that I can see them making a comeback in two to three years.

“Another popular trend in kitchens at the moment and it is becoming more popular are handless presses, they are more slick looking and without the handle there, it isn’t collecting dust and the surface is easily cleaned which is what people want,” added Mr McLaughlin.

“Vinyl wrap around kitchens are also very popular and appealing especially to couples with young children as they can just wipe the surface down and there is a good durability to the surface as well as being trendy!

“They (Vinyl wrap around) don’t chip, are scratch resistant and are also low maintenance, they also seal out moisture and you don’t have to worry about press doors swelling or warping. They never need to be repainted or anything like that either,” he revealed.

These kitchen trends and styles are also supported by Jean Montgomery, the In-House Marketing Manager with the Panelling Centre in Swords.

“Popular kitchens are the painted styles as well as the handless units. A lot of people have run and continue to run with the classic white or cream painted kitchen but they want a slight pop of colour in terms of their kitchen units and appliances.

“We do a range called ‘Paint It’ where the doors are primed and the customers can either paint them themselves or we can get them professionally sprayed for them if they so wish to whatever colour they want,” added Ms Montgomery.

“Oak kitchens never went out of fashion whereas pine kitchens and beech kitchens have done.”

So if you are planning of remodelling your kitchen or simply giving it a lick of paint, these are just some of the trends that are going to be popular throughout this coming year.

*Soft, muted colours; though white motifs will still dominate, everything from backsplashes to cabinets will be done in charcoal, greys, pale blue, pale green, pale yellow and pastel colours will all be used.

*The 1980’s are back! Mirrored backsplashes, brass accessories and high-gloss surfaces aren’t dead by a long shot, but these features are sure to be more elegant and refined in 2016. An elegance not seen in the ’80s will be an incorporation of a variety of natural materials to remove the plastic look of that era.

*In 2016, metal will assume a more dominant role in kitchen aesthetics and trump wood as the range hood of choice. Wood mantle hoods are being replaced with metal hoods or ones that are a combination of wood and metal. If you’re planning to follow suit with this year’s fixation on neutral colour tones, a metal hood can introduce a burst of contrast into your kitchen.