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Transforming A Space Of Any Size


No matter the size of your house and regardless of how tidy you are, there will always be a certain amount of clutter or stuff shoved into a corner, a press or storage boxes and if or when children come along you can throw endless amounts of toys, books, bikes, soft toys and everything else into the mix but fear no more as the award-winning designer Orla Reynolds is on hand to offer some inspiration to people who want to make the most of their space as well as discussing interior design trends throughout 2016 as well as what are some of the best ways to transform a space of any shape or size.

Ms Reynolds who trained professionally as a ballet dancer for 16 years before an injury ended her career. She then returned to college and gained a First Class Honours Degree in Furniture Design from the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2012. The inspiration for her furniture comes from the theatre and imagining the home as a stage. Each piece has an element of surprise, choreography and performance and transforms the space it inhabits.

“In terms of colour, serenity and rose gold were named Pantone colour of the year. Serenity is a blue/ mauve shade and the rose gold is a blush pink,” said Orla Reynolds.

“They are both calming colours to encourage relaxation. Mis-matching is a trend I like, whether this is with patterns with your furnishings or contrasting cabinet doors to different materials in your space.

“Copper on fittings and fixtures. ’The good room’ is making a comeback, whether it went or not I’m not sure but it’s getting revived,” she added.

“I think firstly focusing on the clutter and organisation in the space is an important way of maintaining your space, the effects of this daily activity can transform the space into a better functioning one.


“In terms then of the design, simply moving a couch from one wall to another can give a space a new lease of life. IKEA hacking has become a fun way to transform the furniture you have and of course updating your furnishings.,” imparted Orla.

“I think the concept of a ‘quote wall’ or a ‘picture/memory wall are very nice,” revealed Ms Reynolds. “Walls are very empty space so it’s a nice way to add to them with a special quote or collection of special photos.”

“Neutral tones will always suit any room and colour can be added through furnishings and accessories.

“Personally I live in both worlds, the minimalistic world and the lived in, choc-co block look,” added a laughing Ms Reynolds.

“It really depends on yourself and your lifestyle. I would maintain quite a minimalistic space but a home is a home and it needs to be used. A lived in space can have a lot of charm and character.

“Over the last number of months, patterns are showing up a lot and mixing and matching of complimentary patterns and materials, imparted Orla.

“Details such as subway tiles and the use of copper are things I like. In keeping with my own furniture style, colourful furniture is making its way into homes as a way to brighten a space, which I love.

Now that Orla Reynolds has discussed interior design trends as well as providing our readers with some perils of wisdom, another popular trend or show of creativity is the Smart Storage craze which is taking the people of Ireland by storm!

Smart Storage Ltd specialises in discrete home storage solutions. The idea for Smart Storage was prompted by the growing ‘shoe crisis’ in the home of Paul and Clodagh Jacob, the husband and wife team who developed the business which specialise in under the stairs storage solutions.

The story took off when Paul appeared on the 2012 season of Dragon’s Den’ and received an easier way to store the growing ‘shoe mountain’. Qualified engineers Mr and Mrs Jacob developed the idea when their two young daughters began to follow in their mother’s footsteps – developing a keen interest in footwear!

“Smart Storage is now starting to come as standard in new housing developments,” said Faye Bollard of Smart Storage.

“People with an under stairs loo, need not fret. Our three drawer unit fits perfectly in that left over triangle space. It’s not only understairs, we do some great loft storage solutions too with the range starting from €399.

“The Smart Storage Unit is an Irish manufactured product that aims to solve one of the most common problems facing the growing Irish household: – inadequate, accessible storage space,” added Ms Bollard.

“The Smart Storage Unit is a custom designed storage solution to meet your individual needs, manufactured to fit under the main stairwell or attic space. It is designed to maximise the storage availability within these under-utilised spaces by installing slide-out drawer units.

The units are constructed under the stairwell and fold away seamlessly into the wall space using a soft close push panel mechanism. There is no ugly handles sticking out obstructing the hallway,” she added.

The units are large enough to carry vacuum cleaners and sports equipment such as kit bags and football boots. The Smart Storage Unit is also ideally suited for shoes and school bags that are difficult to store with a growing family.

The units can also be customised for individual usages if required, including wine storage, shoe racks or golf bags. Just tell us your requirements and we will design and fit a solution to meet your needs. The smart storage unit is installed by our expert fitters in approximately three to four hours and left primed and ready to be decorated to match your colour scheme.